"The Chaos Inside of Me" by Ryn Erickson

"Life in an orphanage can be overwhelming, especially if you're an introvert who prefers solitude and quiet. Willow Jennings has spent her entire life in a small group home in rural New Hampshire. Frustrated by the lack of information regarding her biological parents, Willow isolates herself and escapes by painting for hours in her attic loft. Everett, a friend and fellow orphan, offers empathy and stability, but he's hiding secrets of his own. An unexpected discovery causes Willow to doubt her self-worth and she begins to spiral from the chaos. When new opportunities give her the chance to start over, she's forced to make a decision between the only home she's ever known and the uncertainty of a future beyond the familiarity of New Hampshire and Everett."

"Starlight" Written by Hayley Cox, Illustrated by Guillermo D. Tapia

"Sometimes life can be difficult and we get lost. In those times, we may need help moving forward, despite daunting circumstances. Starlight is a story about Rabbit, how he got lost, and found strength within himself to overcome his circumstances and return home."